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Arduino Remote Sketchbook Lets You Create from Wherever

Arduino Remote Sketchbook Lets You Create from Wherever

Arduino Remote Sketchbook Lets You Create from Wherever

Did you ever wish you could work on your Arduino projects from anywhere? Now you can with the Arduino remote sketchbook which can synchronize the new beta version of Arduino IDE 2 with the Arduino Cloud. This means that anywhere you can access the internet, you can work on your code.


Get Your First Look at Arduino’s Remote Sketchbook

The latest addition to the remote sketchbook is the feature of new buttons that make it easy to access and edit your code from the Arduino Cloud. Just look for the new “Push Sketch” and “Pull Sketch” buttons located next to each sketch in your sketchbook.

In the past, you could always work on your Arduino sketches while you were on your computer and running the Arduino IDE. Your files would be stored on your computer and/or you could have used a USB drive or some form of online file back up if you wanted to transfer your work to another device.

Another option has been to upload your sketch files directly to the Arduino Cloud, which meant you wouldn’t need to install Arduino IDE since you could just work from the web browser. However, the new buttons give you even more options and make it easier to seamlessly move between devices, especially as you move from location to location.

The new buttons make it possible to quickly sync your sketches between the Cloud and IDE with literally just a touch. Once your sketch files are synced, you will be able to access them from any other device or from a browser using Arduino Web Editor. Best of all, any changes you make will automatically be synced, so you can pick up right where you left off coding as you switch to a different device or location.


Extra Backup Protection from Wherever

Not only can you now edit your code from wherever using the new remote sketchbook, you can also now backup you sketch file. When you sync your sketch files to the Arduino Cloud, you have extra protection that they won’t get lost.

In the past, if your only form of backup was a USB device, you ran the risk of losing that device and potentially losing your files forever. Not to mention that those devices are often unreliable, especially if you read and write to them frequently, which often happen when you’re working on a new coding project. 

Now, with just one click, you can instantly sync and save your files to the Arduino Cloud, which comes equipped with an encrypted file system. You’ll have peace of mind that your files are safely stored and waiting for you wherever and whenever you want to start working on them again.

Plus, if you want to share your files to make sure there are additional copies available, that’s easy to do too. By default, your sketch files are kept private, but you can quickly access your Arduino Cloud settings and switch to share your sketch so that others can get a copy of your code projects.


Here’s How You Can Get Arduino’s Remote Sketchbook

Are you ready to get started creating from wherever with the new remote sketchbook? If so, you’ll need to upgrade to the latest beta version of IDE 2, which is IDE 2.0.0-beta.8. Then, just log-in to your account with Arduino Cloud, and you’ll be all set to work on your codes from anywhere.

Have you tried out Arduino’s new remote sketchbook? If so, let us know what you think!

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