New Release: Arduino Create Agent 1.2.0

New Release: Arduino Create Agent 1.2.0

On January 27, 2021, Arduino announced the release of the latest version of Arduino Create Agent. They’re referring to this update as Arduino Create Agent 1.2.0.

Back inNovember of last year, they had released version 1.1.252, but a new version of the program was definitely overdue.

In this article, we look at everything you ought to know about the fundamentals of Arduino Create Agent and also the most significant highlights of this new release. Hopefully it should add value to your user experience with the entire Arduino Create ecosystem!


Arduino Create Agent

Arduino Create is Arduino’s proprietary platform that integrates applications and devices so that you can easily write and share yourcode, content, and projects.

Using Arduino Create, you can start and edit projects online anywhere there’s an internet connection using theIDE editor.You can alsoconnect across multipleArduinodevices using theIoT Cloud.In addition, you can set up many third-party devices with theManager for Linux.

Once you have your set up all connected, you’ll be able to use the ArduinoProject Hub to find new projects you might want to build. On the Project Hub, you get access toschematics, step-by-step guides, andinformativeuser feedback. Then, when your new project is built, you can also use the Project Hub to share your creation with the community.

With Arduino Create, you can have a continuous workflow all from one dashboard. The platform makes it easy to connect all the aspects of the project journey from inspiration to development to feedback to continuous development.

In order to get started with Arduino Create, you can find out everything you need to know with theGetting Started guide. Part of the process of getting started will include installing the Arduino Create Agent.

TheArduino Create Agent is a single binary that sits on your tray bar and works in the background so that you can use any of the Arduino Create applications in order to upload your code directly from the browser to any Arduino board that’s connected by USB.


What’s New in Arduino Create Agent 1.2.0 Vilros

One of the most significant changes included in version 1.2.0 of Arduino Create Agent is a new CI/CD pipeline that’s based on GitHub Actions.

Some of the other most noteworthy changes include:

  • UX enhancements
  • A brand-new status bar icon
  • A refractor system tray menu
  • Newgo-modulesfordependencies
  • 32- and 64-bit Windows binaries
  • A new crash report tool
  • Virustotal scan

To find out more about all theupdates included in the 1.2.0 release, you can discoverthe full changeloghere.


Help Arduino Find & Fix Bugs for the Create Agent!

Arduino is still working to fix various crashing and stability issues, which they anticipate will be resolved in new releases that should be coming out soon. You can help the development team find and fix bugs by setting upCrashReport in GitHub.

Now let us know, have youtried out Arduino Create Agent (this newest version or any of the earlier releases)? Tell us about your experience.

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