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Introducing the PiDock400

Introducing the PiDock400

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Do you know about the new PiDock400? It is the perfect laptop-style dock with many built-in features. Technology is evolving every day, and we are also admiring it due to its significant importance in our life. The PiDock 400 is the perfect choice with all the features and support for users.

It works as an entire computer with cables, input and output devices. You can quickly connect with the external devices by using the connected lines through power in outlets, RPI Mouse and many more. The user will get the high-end digital control with built-in features.

If you are a beginner and want to get the latest raspberry pi, you may come across the PiDock 400. The dock manufacturers make it easy to use the device with cables, a mouse and keyboards.

What is the PiDock 400?

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The PiDock 400 is like a computer with a quad-core 64-bit processor, wireless networking, dual displaying and high-resolution video playback. In addition, it has a 40-pin GPIO header that makes it more robust. The computer built is easy to use, compatible, neat and portable for all the users. Moreover, it comes with a keyboard and mouse that help users incorporate all the primary purposes. The compact keyboard allows the users to use it effectively. In addition, it also features an all-purpose build board based on the raspberry pi 4. It will keep all your accessories cool and silent where you can work hard.

The GPIO pins of PiDock400 remain accessible, which helps you explore it beyond the limits. You can connect the components and prototypes according to your project demands. It also comes with the micro HDMI to HDMI, card slot, mouse power supply, computing programs, etc. It helps you to personalise your computers according to your demand.

Features of PiDock400

The incredible features of PiDock400 include:

  •         Slot that holds the keyboard
  •         High-resolution display featuring the 1920x1080 with a 13.3-inch screen
  •         Touchpad mouse
  •         High end audio output jack
  •         Come with the case for travel and storage
  •         5.5 DC power supply


The performance of the PiDock400 is according to the standard 4GB pi. Suppose you are using it for the general email. You don't need any additional accessory to increase its performance by browsing and training them. However, if you need to use the cloud files, you may need access to your home pc; otherwise, the PiDock400 is perfect and compatible with all your needs. It comes with the standard distro that gives the ideal security to your files. You can install all the AV products in a few moments and enjoy the results. 

Glance specs

Now you have an overview of the features and performance of PiDock400. It will give you a clear idea about the new introduction of raspberry pi in the market. There are some other glance specifications that you should know that include:

  •         First of all, let's talk about the price of PiDock400, which is around £65 to £93. Keep in mind that it is a price worthy device that comes with everything you need to start your computer.
  •         Another excellent spec includes the Broadcom BCM27110C0 with the A72 quad-core RAM. It helps to improve its speed for achieving better performance.
  •         The general process unit of the GPU is robust among many other computer devices. It has the Video core VI that supports all the tasks' high-end performance.  
  •         It connects with all the external devices through wireless modes. You can use the availability of Bluetooth 5.0 and the BLE, which is Bluetooth Low Energy.
  •         MicroSD support is also great to ensure the high storage capacity in PiDock400.
  •         It has a heatsink that keeps it cool even after regular operations or silent running.
  •         The additional connectable ports include the type c power input, 2x micro-HDMI 2.0 and USB 3.0, and the ethernet and locking slot. You can explore more connections of external devices according to your requirements.

The noticable difference between the other raspberry pi and the piDock400 will give the planet of USB options. It is way better than the standard Pi that you can use for your tasks.

Are there any help or resources available with the PiDock400?

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It is a tiny device that enables users to perform significant tasks. Many youtubers also review the PiDock400 and find it a more suitable device than other raspberry pi options. Now it is one of my favourite devices for running the Pi Distros and planning the setup of Retropie. You can get all the fun with little compatible devices. Now, if you are looking for additional resources for PiDock400, you can get their official support. However, it is an easy-to-use device suitable for all your small and big tasks.

Problems or drawbacks

Every great thing also has some drawbacks. Similarly, the PiDock 400 also has some issues that you can deal with little or no hassles. The default setup of PiDock400 has all the necessary settings, but still, you can set it up according to your choice.

Overall it is a brilliant device that fulfills all your demands for various projects and educational markets. If you are looking for your kit, they will have easy access to their favourite games and shows with an easy-to-use device. It is the premium device you can find in the market with robust features and specifications.

Future updates in PiDock400

Many of us are also confused about its future variants and updates. Yes, the future variant is coming with the 8GB option and the eMMC module. It will increase the performance, but it may be heavy on your pockets.

The PiDock400 is the perfect choice for you that gives the ideal experience in using the raspberry pi for small and big tasks. The users will find it a premium device if they are new to the raspberry pi and want to invest in something worthy.

We hope this guide will clear all your doubts about the PiDock400 and help you make a better decision regarding your purchase of raspberry pi.