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Get Started with Arduino Cloud with One of These Weekend Projects

Get Started with Arduino Cloud with One of These Weekend Projects

Get Started with Arduino Cloud with One of These Weekend Projects


If you’re looking for something to do this weekend, it’s easy to get started with Arduino Cloud and have fun while making something useful. Recently Arduino Cloud was upgraded and got several new extra features added to its free tier. It is also now optimized for ESP8266 and ESP32 devices. So, there’s really no excuse for just sitting on the couch!

If you’d like to get started with the new Arduino Cloud this weekend, check out one of these cool projects:

Cloud-Based TV Remote Control

Your nostalgic TV remote is making a comeback with this project, which is a favorite among home automation enthusiasts. The Arduino Nano 33 IOT can be programmed to embed the remote control’s IR commands. You can also link it up to Amazon’s Alexa to initiate commands. The remote is versatile and can be integrated with a variety of devices in your home entertainment system. All you need to get started is your Arduino board, a breadboard, some jumper wires, a 330-ohm resistor, and an IR receiver and transmitter.  

Arduino Cloud Doorbell

Back when the Arduino Cloud was first being developed, this was one of the most favorite projects in the creator community. And it still makes for a great weekend project! Best of all, this “doorbell” is more than just a doorbell – it’s a smart lock that’s accessible from anywhere. Yes, literally anywhere with WiFi. 

For this project, you’ll need two Arduino MKR1000 boards plus a 3D printer in addition to access to Arduino Cloud and Web Editor. Arduino Cloud makes it possible for you to connect both your boards to the internet and also to each other using mqtt communication, a machine-to-machine connectivity protocol so that your devices can share information.

Now, you’ll always know when someone’s at the door!


Uncloud Sketch Ideas Through Arduino Clarity

The Arduino Could Web Editor is designed to be the simplest, friction-free free way to program all your boards. And, yes, that’s all your boards, not just Arduino ones. This weekend, you can use the Arduino Cloud Web Editor to finally organize – and maybe even reinvigorate – your old projects.

If you’re an experienced maker, you’ve probably got a large library of sketches and projects that you’ve saved locally. Now, you can easily transfer your sketches and old work to the Cloud. Best of all, once you import your old projects, they’ instantly be updated with new features, so it will be easier than ever to play around with your old code and bring old projects back to life.

Just think, if you your transfer your work to the Arduino Cloud this weekend, you’ll be all setup to re-tackle a project next weekend!


Arduino Cloud Sensor Tower

If you’re looking for a more advanced project, try this: a cloud sensor tower. If you want to automate your home systems involving heating, temperature, movement, or humidity, you need sensors to monitor the environment and provide data to your devices 

With this cloud-based tower project, you can choose what aspects of your home environment you want to monitor and combine everything into one streamlined package. You also have the ability to place the sensors in the exact right spots to optimize your data collection.

With Arduino Cloud’s new device-to-device communication features, it’s now easier than ever to share data and information across your home automation setup. Just connect your Arduino MKR1000 with your preferred sensors and let the Cloud help you visualize real-time home data.

Here at Vilros, we’d love to hear about members of our community getting started with Arduino Cloud through a weekend project. If you try any of these, do tell us about your experience!

And don’t forget to then comeback and check out more projects and news for Arduino and Raspberry Pi here on our Vilros blog!