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WeeeBot Mini- An Easily Programmable STEM toy

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WeeeBot Mini- An Easily Programmable STEM toy

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WeeeBot Mini Programmable STEM Educational Kids Toy | Coding For Kids

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 The WeeeBot Mini is a programmable STEM robot on an aluminum frame that allows learning algorithms and programming for young kids. This robot comes fully assembled and has a programming interface with APP support. The programming is pretty basic and easy to ensure the kids can grip the basics and develop an understanding of coding without feeling overwhelmed. The robot is intended to impart basic and initial learning about robotics, electronics, mathematics, and programming–the cores that drive the modern world.


When most parents start curating extracurriculars for their kids, they start with the basics: soccer, dance, and RC cars. Their first idea for entertaining their elementary schoolers never includes programming. But should it?

If statistics are any standard to go by, a full 45 percent of high schools now teach computer science, up from the only 25% reported by Gallup in 2014. Today, when we look around, everything from basic electronics to smart homes uses programming. In our increasingly digital world, every responsible parent wants their kid to become computer literate, not just for setting them up for career opportunities later on in life but also to develop several soft skills.

That’s where WeeeBot Mini comes in. According to Stack Overflow’s 2020 Developers Survey, 54% of developers wrote their first line of code when they turned 16. The WeeeBot Mini can bring this moment in a person’s life a lot sooner; imagine your 6-year-old writing their first line of code–now imagine all the big things they will be able to do later on in life based on their early interaction with coding. AH-MAZING, right?!

What Does The WeeeBot Mini Offer?

The WeeeBot Mini integrates easy-to-use electronic modules like:

📦RGB IR Avoid Sensor: uses IR to detect objects in front

⚫️Line-following Sensor: detects black and white

🔴5x14 LED Matrix Panel Model: a program to show emojis, numbers, etc.

💡Light Sensor: detects brightness levels

🔈Sound Sensor: detects the volume of sound

🔔Buzzer: can be coded to play “do, re, mi, fa, so la, si” tone

📡IR Receiver & Transmitter: uses IR remote to control the robot

📶Bluetooth Module: for wireless connectivity

With so many modules available for learning, your kid will get hands-on experience on a robot car that is programmable wirelessly.

WeeeCode: WeeeBot Mini uses WeeeCode (a graphical programming interface based on Scratch 3.0) for coding. It makes learning programming simpler. Your kid will basically drag and drop different function blocks, however, over time he will get curious and have questions like, “why does a different function block trigger a different robot response?”. This curiosity will drive them into the coding world naturally and that’s when they’ll start fiddling with the code.

Supports Scratch & Arduino Programming: The robot is based around an Arduino board, it will teach your child about programming a micro-controller board to control physical objects using sensors. Though it runs on Scratch 3.0, which is pretty basic when your little one gets a hang of it, he would like to dig further in by reaching for the Arduinos and micro-controllers. WeeeBot Mini has compatibility for both.

One-Touch Code & Control: WeeeBot Mini comes with a remote controller with various buttons, each offering a different operation mode. Moreover, you can also download the WeeeMake APP (which can be downloaded from the app/play store!) to control and program functions for the robot. You will find six modes to play with your robot: manual control, line-following, obstacle avoidance, music, voice control, and coding.

STEM Learning: To cope with the challenges ahead, kids of today need to start early. WeeeBot Mini is a STEM toy, designed to cultivate interest and impart the basics of the four most important pillars of modern education: Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM). The robot has functionalities based on all four to prepare your child for the future challenges of the digital world ahead.

Simulated Jeep Appearance: Kids appreciate learning when it has a fun factor to it. WeeeBot Mini simulates the appearance of a jeep with lots of learning value hidden inside that your little one will unravel layer by layer.

Wide Expandability: Up for a new challenge? Four RJ11 interfaces are included in the package, which can be connected with over 50+ electronic modules in the WeeeMake Parts platform for expanding functionality.


Whether you want to cultivate problem-solving skills in your child from an early age, or want to boost their computational thinking, stimulate their creative brain centers, or help develop their soft skills, the WeeeBot Mini offers it all.

Bottom Line: It’s much better than those basic toys that offer nothing of value except short-lived fun. The kid gets bored easily and their next step is to break the toy open to investigate what’s inside. With the WeeeBot, it’s all experimental fun. Your kid can detach components, play with them, upload new code, and have a great learning experience. Suitable for kids 6 years and above.


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