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Vilros Standard HDMI (Female) to Micro HDMI (Male) Adapter Cable - Designed for Raspberry Pi 5/4

by Vilros

Micro HDMI to HDMI Cable for Raspberry pi 4

Vilros's latest adapter helps you connect your Micro HDMI port on the Raspberry Pi 4 to a standard HDMI cable. This power bridge kit provides a perfect way for implementing an exterior HDMI Monitor . You can use it for systems such as such as Raspbian audio video in 1080p 60fps, Gaming with RetroPie game consoles in 720p, or Kodi in high definition.

Professionals also appreciate this great micro hdmi to standard hdmi cable for Raspberry Pi 4 for capturing and transferring signals without interruptions or data loss, maintaining the highest quality possible.

For anyone looking to solve their analog to high speed HDMI connector conversion issues with support for ethernet 4K resolutions of 3840x2160 at 60 frames per second that's a home theaters, don't forget your new micro hdmi to hdmi cable for raspberry pi 4!

You invested in that tiny computer, why not invest in this micro hdmi to hdmi adapter to connect your Raspberry Pi? Available now from Vilros, this adapter will give you the freedom to use this adapter cable to connect your HDMI type cable to your Micro HDMI male port.

It's perfect for connecting any display or desktop for ultimate clarity and precision thanks to 4Kp60 output. Also compatible with other devices besides the official Raspberry Pi 4 model b.

The micro-hdmi male to standard hdmi male cable for Raspberry Pi is made of good quality material and can meet all your needs when it comes to connecting HDMI cables! With this product, you are able to create a Conference Center Badge or even use the Raspberry Pi computer as an individual display.

The Pi 4 HDMI adapter converts the standard HDMI port on your PI 4 into a Micro HDMI port. This adapter enables you to connect a standard HDMI cable to your Micro HDMI port on the PI 4.

The female-to-male design allows for easy insertion of the adapter into any available free ports on your computer monitor, HDTV or other display device. This is an essential tool for anyone who wants to use their Raspberry Pi with an external display. 

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    No loss of video or audio quality.


    Work perfectly. Portable, sturdy, and easy to use in a multitude of applications, especially with the Raspberry Pi 4.

    Mini hdmi to hdmi cable

    Nice cable works as it should.

    Joon J.

    I set up NAS with Rapsberry Pi4 - 4GB RAM. Working as expected and very quiet.


    Pi 4 HDMI Female to Micro HDMI Male Adapter - Designed for Raspberry Pi 4 by Vilros