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12mm Button Switch-Set of 10

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by Vilros

12mm Button Switch-Set of 10

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Arduino 12mm Button

This 12mm button or momentary button switch is a simple input for your Arduino. A 12mm button common type of switch and simple input for your Arduino. Simple input for your Arduino.

This 12mm button push button switches are designed as a common and simple way to interface with the microcontroller, switches work featuring an on/off contact (momentary push not toggle switch) when button is released, 4 pins like round black pushbutton switch that can be mounted through holes using 6 x 6x5 mm sizes depending if they are large enough or small ones respectively.

What are momentary switches used for?

This product has been used in many fields such as household appliances but also electronics products whose uses range from remote controlled cars all the way up until medical equipment!

How does a momentary switch work?

The momentary push button definition works manually by pressing down on the button and turning off when the button is released.

A momentary switch is a type of switch that makes or breaks a circuit only as long as it is being actuated. It differs from the toggle switch, which stays in one position until moved again, and the latching switch (such as a light-dependent resistor), which stays in its active position until pushed again.

The schematic symbol for a single pole single throw (SPST) normally open momentary contact pushbutton switch:

Many modern day applications use momentary switches such as certain types of electronic doorbells, where you must hold down the button to keep the doorbell ringing without triggering off its stop mechanism. Also many arcade games use these because they aren't very expensive but still last a long time. Some joysticks are also momentary switches.


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Fast delivery, switch worked out well for my needs