Placeholder Vilros Magic Mirror V3- 2 Way Mirror for Smart Mirror Project Includes

Vilros Magic Mirror V3- 2 Way Mirror for Smart Mirror Project Includes Internal Ready to Connect LCD

by Vilros
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Vilros Raspberry Pi Smart Mirror

The Vilros Raspberry Pi Magic Mirror is an enchanting technological marvel that will turn your bathroom or office space into the ultimate hands free home assistant device. With some simple online tutorials, you can build this mirror platform electrical masterpiece yourself and follow step by step instructions to program it with dakboard's website!

This intelligent gadget has endless possibilities for whatever your heart desires. The projects are easy enough for a beginner to follow and complex enough to interest the pros, so no matter who you are there is something just perfect for you on our site.

The Magic Mirror v3.0 is a Glass Frame and Raspberry Pi that can turn any board into a Raspberry Pi mirror with an internal LCD screen which can be used for multiple purposes in the home or office.

The magic mirror provides open source module many uses such as smart mirrors abilities using dakboard step by step instructions and other methods of installation from Google.

This raspberry pi smart mirror can be used as a bathroom mirror, or a reflective surface in any part of your home and office. The raspberry pi mirror has many online open source installable modules which can but used to build a smart mirror.

  • 2 Way Mirror for Smart Mirror Project with Internal 1920x1080 Pixel Ready to Connect LCD
  • Mirror/Monitor Dimensions 19 x 11 Inches
  • Mirror with frame Dimensions 23.60 x 14.75 x 2 Inches
  • Includes a 12.6V 3A DC POWER SUPPLY that powers the monitor and any raspberry pi board.
  • Features internal fan to keep all internal components at optimal operating temperature. 
  • Includes USB to Micro USB cable and USB to USB-C cable to power any Raspberry Pi Board from the internal PCB.
  • Includes Standard HDMI-Standard HDMI, Standard HDMI-Mini HDMI and Standard HDMI-Micro HDMI enabling connectivity to all Raspberry Pi Devices
  • New and improved LCD and Mirror for best visibility.
  • 37% reflective and 63% transparent.


Product does NOT feature an audio speaker.

In addition to this Mirror a Raspberry Pi Board, SD card are needed to create a magic mirror, additionally a keyboard/mouse is required for initial setup.

These items are NOT included with this set.

The brightness setting of the internal LCD has been set for optimal brightness with the included mirror and cannot be adjusted.


Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
Harpreet S.
Okay mirror for price

It works as intended but the LCD black light is very bright so the mirror isn’t that reflective if the mirror is plugged in.

Lehi T.
Looks Great! Easy to connect!

Super easy to use and looks fantastic. The only thing I'd change is that I wish I could control the brightness

Joshua L.
Almost perfect.

I love the fact that this is a sturdy all in one package. I love how thin it is compared to the one I made. The only thing that gives this a 4 star is the fact that the mirror isn’t really a “mirror” when the raspberry light is on. I think they could have gone with a better mirror acrylic. I plan to cut the piece I have to match this units size, and see how it works. Otherwise, very happy with the unit!