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Vilros Deluxe Heavy Duty Hammer-in Header Rig for Raspberry Pi Zero--Easy Pinheader Installation Solution for a Raspberry Pi Zero--No Soldering Required--Includes 2 Headers

by Vilros

Soldering is a headache and frustration that can easily be solved with this hammer in installation jig solderless option!

Want to install raspberry pi zero headers the easy way?

That is why designed this straightforward and easy-to-use product to make it much simpler to install gpio Pins onto a pi zero with no soldering iron needed.

1 X Install Rig
2 X 40 pin Hammer-in Solderless Pin Headers

 Additional Pins are Available for purchase Here

The installation jig kit contains a super sturdy metal base onto which your Pi Zero sits and is easily connected with bolts.

You then place the  metal striking plate over the board and pins and hammer them in for for easy installation in seconds!

 Solderless header installation for Raspberry Pi Zero!!

Solderless hammer in headers is always a time saver, and with this easy-to-use rig are now so much easier.

Truly easy to use, anyone can figure out how to use this pin install rig kit.

It contains male headers and requires no soldering iron.

The included instruction manual provides details for assembly along with a QR code foe a clear install video however it is quite self-explanatory!

The great thing about this product is that you don't have to worry about the vertical metal pin /metal pins being bent. You won't have to deal with soldering issues, coiled brass wire, too little solder, soldering irons, solder wires, soldering headers, soldering iron's tip, molten solder, excess solder on the male headers or female headers. There is no soldering required.

Gone is the need for a soldering stand, copper pad, soldering iron, iron tip, disordering braid, or a disordering pump.

It comes with everything needed to quickly and effectively attach the solderless gpio hammer headers in a few seconds without using a soldering iron, solder joint, and molten solder.


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