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40 Pin (2x20) Male Pin Header For Pi Zero

by Vilros
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This is a 40 Pin (2 x 20 row) header with 0.1" (2.54mm) pitch! You can solder this onto a Raspberry Pi Zero/W. They're super special gold plated ones for excellent conductivity and they wont oxidize!

Breakaway headers are the duct tape of electronics. They're great for connecting things together, soldering to perf-boards and fit into any breakout or breadboard!

These 40-pin long headers, 0.1" pitch, can be stacked next to each other on a 0.1" grid and broken apart easily with pliers or diagonal cutters. 


  • Number of pins - 2 x 20
  • Male/Male (standard)
  • Contact material - Gold plated
  • Contact resistance - Max 20 mΩ
  • Nominal current - 3 A
  • Spacing - 2.54mm (0.1") 
  • Overall Pin Height Top Pin to Bottom Pin: 11.64mm
  • Black Shroud Height: 2.50mm
  • Bottom Pin Height (from shroud to top of pin): 3.01mm
  • Top Pin Height (from shroud to top of pin): 6.13mm
  • Overall Length: 50.60mm
  • Overall Width - 5.0mm

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