Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Retro Arcade Gaming Kit with Multi Retro Gaming Controller Set-Includes: 2 Each of NES, SNES, N64, PS2 & GENESIS Controllers

by Vilros
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Vilros Raspberry Pi 3 Model B Plus Retro Arcade Gaming Kit

Important Info
This Raspberry Pi Gaming system is hooked up to screen, during initial setup a USB mouse is required,please note that the screen and mouse are not included in this kit.
Although Instructions on how to set up the gaming system is included, Games are NOT Preloaded and in order to play games with this Kit, ROMS must be dowloaded and installed.

Build a Raspberry Pi Retro Gaming Center for you and a friend With This Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ Gaming from Vilros. The Kit includes the new Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+

All Parts of the kit are covered by Manufacturer (Vilros) Full 1 Year Warranty 

IMPORTANT NOTE: The Micro SD card may appear as to be of smaller capacity when inserted into a PC as it is pre-partitioned, If formatted with partition removal it will then show the full capacity which can be expanded as desired.

Customer Reviews

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N64 emulator doesn't work, but NES, SEGA, and SNES do so it's not so bad.


This kit is amazing. The setup was really easy with the included instructions and little bit of Reddit posts to help. All of the controllers work as intended after configuring them. The SNES controller is probably the best and most functional across multiple game emulator. The weight and quality of the SNES controller is so much better than the originals.
I have made many recommendations to friends about this product. It will provide lots of fun for years to come!

Gildardo R.V.
The kit is exactly how it is desc...

The kit is exactly how it is described. But be warned, this is not exactly for a beginner when it comes to the software side of things. You have to do your homework -- if you understand what you are doing, although it may take a bit of time, you'll be happy with the end product, as I am. (If you do not fully understand what Retropie, Noobs, Raspbian are, Google is your friend. Once you're up to speed, I am quite certain you will be happy also.)

In either case, be prepared to play with the software settings, do a little manual editing of some configuration files. The instructions included in the kit are NOT all encompassing, and you will need patience -- I work with computers, so I probably was better prepared than most people, but computers always need a lot of patience at times, and a Raspberry Pi is a small computer. It is work, but it is a very good learning experience, which I enjoyed.

Oh, and the game emulation works beautifully. Good sound and good visuals. So yes, I fully recommend the kit.