How Do I Erase SD Card and Download NOOBS?

How Do I Erase SD Card and Download NOOBS?


If you would like to try formatting and reflashing the SD card on your own, please see the instructions below:

The first thing you need to do are download and install the SDFormatter version 4 program (SDFormatter is used to completely wipe the SD card clean and format it before you reflash the NOOBS software again)

Please see the link below to download the program below:


Once you have successfully installed SDFormatter, open the program and then follow the steps below:

Insert the SD card with the adapter into the SD card reader slot of the PC.

On the SD formatter tool click the Refresh button. This will populate the Drive letter, Volume Label, and Size (The size may be much smaller than what the SD cards label is because there are partitions and software still on it – this is normal)

Click the Option button and make sure FORMAT TYPE is set to FULL (Erase) and FORMAT SIZE ADJUSTMENT is set to ON as you see In the screen shot below then click the OK button

Once you are back at the main screen click the Format button. You will be reminded not to remove the card and asked if you are sure you want to format. Click OK

The process should be quick, Click OK and then Exit on the SDFormatter software (*leave the SD card in the reader)

Now that you have format the card you now need to download and reflash the NOOBS software onto the card.

Click on the link below:


Under NOOBS (NOT LITE) select download ZIP.

Choose where you want to have the Zip folder downloaded to. The download will take a few minutes depending on the speed of your Internet connection

Once it has downloaded RIGHT click on the Zip folder and select Extract All. Then make sure you make note of where the folder will be located when all the files are extracted.

Once all of the files are unzipped and placed into a folder then double click on the folder to open it. Click Edit > Select All the files and folders will be selected at that point. Click Edit > Copy

Navigate to the SD card drive

Open the Drive up to the blank white screen (Should be blank since it was already formatted)

RIGHT click anywhere within the white window and select Paste (There are a lot of files so do not be alarmed if it takes a few minutes)

You did it! 

Insert the SD card into the PI and connect the Pi to the Screen and Mouse and Keyboard and then Power the PI on.


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